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There are many kinds of insulation. The most common are:

- Fiberglass
- Cellulose
- Foam
- Denim
- Natural Fibers
- Mineral Wood
- Loose Fill / Blown-in
- Insulation Batts
- Rolled Insulation
- Foam Board Insulation
- Radiant Barriers
- Vapor Barriers

The major benefits of insulation according to the National Insulation Association are:

- Reduces energy costs
- Prevents moisture condensation
- Reduces capacity and size of new mechanical equipment
- Enhances process performance
- Reduces emissions of pollutants
- Safety and protection of personnel
- Acoustical performance: reduces noise levels
- Maximizes return on investment (ROI)
- Improves Appearance
- Fire Protection


Heat migrates naturally from warm spots to cool spots. Because of this fact, in the winter, homes that are not properly insulated actually insulated homes end up heating rooms that you don't need heating, such as your attic, or even lose heat and energy to the outside, which is a major waste of energy and bad for the environment. In the summer, heat from outside moves inside an air conditioned home. Insulation is designed to disrupt and prevent this natural process, allowing a home to stay warm during the winter and cool in the summer - all while lowering your carbon footprint and your energy bills. Learn more from the Department of Energy at energy.gov.

Save Money

The high quality insulation products we use will save you money by lowering heating and cooling costs because your heating and cooling systems won't have to work as hard!

Help the Environment

According to a study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, if every home were properly insulated, we could reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere by 293.5 billion pounds over 10 years.

Increase the Value of Your Home

A properly insulated home is highly sought-after for prospective home buyers.

Heating and cooling a home or business can be very expensive! Poor and ineffective insulation allows heat or air conditioned air to escape through weak and non-airtight parts of your home. This is incredibly wasteful and expensive. It's like boiling water and then pouring cold water right back in the pot.

Proper insulation can also help protect and preserve our environment.

- 50% - 70% of the energy used by your home is heating and cooling air.

- 12% of our carbon footprints are comprised of our gas, oil, and coal use (the sources that most homes in America rely on for heating and cooling).

- 15% of our carbon footprints are our energy consumption.

In fact, good insulation is even beneficial to our health. If every family home in the United States were insulated efficiently and safely, we would have:

- ~300 fewer premature annual deaths due to poor air conditions

- 6500 fewer asthma attacks annually

- 110,000 fewer sick days

Good insulation can even increase the value of your home or business property. Nearly 90% of United States residents would purchase an energy-efficient home over a home that is not optimized or energy efficient. Insulation and proper management of your property are essential to prospective buyers.

If your home was built before 1980 - you're one of the 77 million Americans who has an inefficiently-insulated home!
With new techniques, technologist as well as new environmental and building codes and standards, new homes are significantly more efficiently insulated than old homes. Your home may not even be insulated at all!

Call us for an insulation inspection to check your home's insulation.

R-Value is a standard system used to rate the properties and efficiency of insulation materials. "R" is for "resistance" - which is the value used to determine the resistance a material has to conducting temperature or heat flow. A higher R-Value means more insulation.


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