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Cost-effective residential and commercial insulation solutions for Severn, MD and Anne Arundel County. Spray foam insulation, soundproofing, air sealing, fiberglass insulation, and more.

You could be losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year from outdated or ineffective insulation!

Insulation for Severn, MD

Keeping your home and business clean, safe, and efficient.

Are you looking for top-quality insulation products and installation? Severn Insulation provides expert professional insulation installation in Severn, MD and the surrounding areas in Anne Arundel County. We do it all: blown-in attic insulation, spray foam insulation, soundproofing, even high quality injection insulation. We can insulate any room or project. Our professional team provides an extremely complete array of services at an affordable price that works for you and your budget.

At Severn Insulation, we have the utmost pride in what we do, our workplace culture, and most importantly, our customer service. From our ownership to our field specialists and technicians, exceeding our customers' expectations is of paramount importance. We hold ourselves to the highest standard and we ensure that all of our specialists and employees know the latest on all of the best products and materials on the market.

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Proudly Serving Anne Arundel County

We provide insulation and spray foam services to Anne Arundel County, including Severn, Glen Burnie, Odenton, Severna Park, Pasadena, Annapolis, and more.

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Quality You Can Trust

You need insulation that protects you and your home from the heat of the summer and the cold in of winter. Severn Installation has you covered. Our superior, premium quality insulation materials provide extreme energy efficiency, safe for you and the environment, and are even extremely effective sound insulators. The installation technicians at Severn Insulation strive to improve the very best in comfort, energy efficiency, and energy savings for business and homeowners. With over 35 years in the installation industry, we're a name you can trust.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Our high R-Value materials ensure that your home will operate more efficiently - that's less energy wasted and more money in your pocket. With an energy-efficient home, you heating and cooling systems don't need to work as hard. If you want to learn more, we get our information straight from the nation's top scientists and research at the Department of Energy at

Health & Comfort

Severn Insulation's techniques and premium materials ensure that your home is outfitted and insulated with the best, most environmentally-friendly products available. We check all of our products to make sure they're non-toxic and safe for long-term use in your home to protect you and your family. Your home will be more comfortable, safer, and healthier than ever before.

Experience more even and predictable temperature changes in your home. No more cranking the AC on a hot day or blasting the heat when it's snowy and cold. Your home will stay cool when it's hot out and warm when it's cool out.

Custom Insulation Solutions & Value

Our team of insulation installation specialists will work with you to understand your needs and build you a custom insulation solution.

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Premium Quality Product Benefits

According to the National Insulation Association:
"A properly designed and installed insulation system offers immediate and long-term benefits. Insulation protects your personnel, your equipment, your system, and your budget."
Noise Reduction

Once our optimized materials are installed in your home or business, you'll instantly hear a drastic reduction in outside noise.

Clean & Efficient Installation

Our products are among the cleanest, safest, and most easily installed products available.

Air Quality Improvements

Severn Insulation's premium selection of foam insulation materials can block particulates and allergens, making your home or business environment safer and healthier.

Fire & Smoke Resistance

Our materials can also act as fire and smoke barriers, keeping you, your family, and your home protected for longer in the case of an emergency.


Reduce your carbon footprint by making your home's energy use more efficient. We also offer a selection of recycled & biodegradable materials that won't take up space in landfills.

High R-Value

R-Value or "resistance value" is a metric used to compare and determine materials' resistance to heat and changes in temperature. Our materials are rated among the best with some of the highest R-Values available.

Moisture Barrier

Certain insulators such as spray foam can be moisture barriers, which explains its common use in attics and crawlspaces. These kinds of spaces are much more likely to flood than other areas in your home. Moisture barriers ensure you won't have to replace your insulation nearly as often and prevent dangerous molds and growths.

Air Barrier

Before buying a home in Severn or Maryland, you should be familiar with the strength of its air barrier. Stronger air leak barriers mean higher quality insulation systems. Weak air barriers create poor airflow in a building. Leaking air barriers can lead to the ingress of pollen, dust, insects, and other pollutants, impacting the air quality in your home.

Thermal Resistance

Different insulation materials have different R-Values and thermal properties. For instance, spray foam has a higher R-value than other foams. As a result, spray foam can more effectively reduce heat transfer, taking the load off of your home’s energy system.

Our Services

Air Sealing

Eliminate common problem-areas like small spaces and gaps that make your home insulation inefficient.

Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam is incredibly versatile, able to fit into irregular wall cavities, ceilings, crawl spaces, and more.

Blown-in Insulation

Attics are typically the worst-insulated part of the home, but because heat rises, they're one of the most important! Make sure your attic is insulated for a huge reduction on your energy bill.

Blanket Insulation

An efficient type of insulation for hard-to-reach spaces, blanket insulation can be a great tool.

Insulation Assessment

If your home was built before 1980, you're one of the 77 million Americans who have an improperly insulated home!

Whole-Home Insulation

By insulating your whole home, you're ensuring that your energy bills are as low as possible as well as reducing your carbon footprint and environmental impact.

Materials Used by Insulation Experts

Fiberglass Insulation

​Fiberglass insulation is often preferred for situations where an airtight seal is needed. Because of this, a major and popular benefit of fiberglass insulation is its energy-saving power. Fiberglass insulation is made from finely-spun material blend repels water and mold for a long time. Certain types of fiberglass installation, such as blown-in or loose fiberglass insulation are even fire-resistant. As a result, this kind of insulation doesn't need any additional or special treatment to protect your home or commercial property against disastrous or dangerous situations.

Cellulose Insulation

​Cellulose insulation is a tightly packable material that can be squeezed and manipulated to fit the shape and size of any wall. It's made of recycled materials like cardboard, paper, and newspaper. These recycled materials are broken down into small fibers and tightly packed into every area of a building imaginable. Cellulose blown-in insulation is a popular choice as it's eco-friendly and well-suited to home insulation.

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Customer Testimonials

"The crew came on time and did a very clean and efficient job.
Extremely satisfied."

Customer Testimonial

Clint N.

Severn, MD

"They left my attic looking better than when they came! Great work." 

Customer Testimonial

Phoebe R.

Severn, MD

"Professional and very safe. They walked me through everything they were doing in my home." 

Customer Testimonial

John J.

Odenton, MD

"Very quick, clean, friendly, and extremely safe and careful. Very happy I called Severn Insulation."

Customer Testimonial

Jennie W.

Glen Burnie, MD

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Whether you need an insulation assessment or your business needs to be insulated, Severn Insulation can do it all.

We work closely with hundreds of insulation service providers across the US to stay current on the latest in insulation best practices, health and safety, and technologies.

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At Severn Insulation, we guarantee to equip your home or business with insulation solutions and systems that will last a lifetime. We provide only the best quality service at the best available. Call us now at (443) 274-4510. Let's work together to begin upgrading and protecting your home or business.

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